View Full Version : the weigh inn

03-May-09, 11:37
Hi was at the the weigh inn last night for a meal i had the stuffed chicken with black pudding and trimmings and my partner had roast beef we all the trimmings both were excelent and well priced would recomend it to anyone deffinatly going back the staff were very good to very helpfull

06-May-09, 18:10
It is a long time since I have been to the Weigh Inn but I just might give it a try again.

06-May-09, 19:30
I had both meals over the weekend (separate days :lol: )and both were absolutely amazing!

A few years back the food was pretty gash but I'd easily put it as the best place to get a meal in town these days (although it's slightly out of town :lol: )

15-May-09, 22:30
Went to the weigh inn tonight food was the best ive had in a long time