View Full Version : Dark Water BBC 1 last night

percy toboggan
02-May-09, 12:30
Apparently a U.S. remake of a Japanese 'horror'

I found it more a supernatural thriller than a horror film , I also found it rivetting.

Jennifer Connolly was simply superb in her role as a mother - estranged from a difficult husband forced to trim her sails economically and move into the ugliest looking apartment block you could imagine.

All is not well there.

Pete Postlethwaite and Tim Roth add great support to the lead roles.
The theme is dark, horrible water. Where is it coming from?...what does it mean? A vulnerable child - always an unsettling plot device - has you rooting for her and her Mom but the uphill struggle against combining forces - real and supernatural is tortuous indeed.

I'll not spoil the story by revealing more but I somehow want to write at length about this film.

However, for now I will merely add it's on my wish list now for a birthday gift - 58 later this month - blimey.

08-May-09, 17:38
I am watching it right now, had it recorded because i seen the start and was intreagued (sp).

Look forward to seeing the rest of it. Sittin munchin on a sausage sandwich and a cup o coffee. Hope its good! :D The movie i mean!