View Full Version : Avon Calling??

02-May-09, 12:10
Please come back, nice Avon lady in Broadhaven Area of Wick...I am running out of my favourite hair product and need to order another bottle!!!

02-May-09, 12:31
If you don't have an Avon Lady any more, you can buy the goods online from the Avon website (http://www.avon.uk.com/PRSuite/home_page.page). :)

02-May-09, 13:54
I get orders from an avon lady if you are wanting something

02-May-09, 17:27
Thanks for your offer of help Fran..I know someone where I work who orders Avon goods, or as you suggested I could use the website. Maybe the lady in question did not have many orders and decided not to continue - I think it is a fair amount of work to get orders sorted out etc! Thanks again x

02-May-09, 19:40
Hi, Im a representative for Avon and would be more than happy to take a brochure over to you to have a look at, there are offers on the hair products in the current brochure, - 750ml Shampoo/Conditioner is half price, 250ml shampoo buy one choose one for 50p and loads more!!
Hope this helps x

02-May-09, 19:48
Thanks Cupcake, I've PMd you x

02-May-09, 20:20
Hi, Ive sent you a PM too :D x

02-May-09, 21:41
Hi again, if anybody else would like a look at an avon book please let me know x x

14-May-09, 07:19
Hi i am going to be getting my starter pack soon so if anyone would like a book let me know,will deliver and collect from anywhere in wick,i am from papigoe so anyone out this way also that would like a book please let me know:)