View Full Version : The Trawler restaurant, Golspie

30-Apr-09, 23:58
Stopped here last week and today for tea and warm fresh scones. Lovely place, friendly and good prices and can park right outside. It is also a fish and chip shop, newly taken over. Coming north it is on the right hand side about half way along the main street.

01-May-09, 09:57
That used to be a favourite stopping off point for us too Fran. My dad built two of the model boats they had on display in their restaurant window and the fireplace in the dining area at the back.

Glad to see it is getting a good write up again.

01-May-09, 21:04
I LOVE going into the trawler on way up the road they do the best fish suppers ive ever had.( well apart from a chippie in oban its the best ever):D

01-May-09, 23:29
I always try to time my runs through Golspie to tie in with when the chippies open.:Razz

Good F&C, excellent service and a nice clean environment . The owner invested in a new range about 18 months ago and hasn't looked back since.