View Full Version : Fast and Furious

30-Apr-09, 12:28
What like is the film, is it worth going to see?
Does anyone know if it is coming to Thurso?


kitty kat
01-May-09, 00:31

i started a thread on it

i really enjoyed the film back on form after the last one defo worth a look

06-May-09, 18:26
It has Vin Diesel in it so it must be good. :D

kitty kat
06-May-09, 23:19
It has Vin Diesel in it so it must be good. :D

[lol][lol] yummy paul walker isna bad either

07-May-09, 07:18
oh yeah defo they are both total hot as to weither it is coming up in the cinema i dont think so i was on the site and it didnt have anythin about it which was dissapointing as i wanted to go but you never know they might change there minds just keep checking the website