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29-Apr-09, 19:21
jus a little story about pip as i call him (pippers)lol
wen i walk through the door he goes crackers and runs everywere he runs from the door right through too the garden it is funny...i would of put it on youv'e been framed lol:lol:
if i bounce on my trampoline he will want to play so he jumps up and plays with me sometimes if he goes hype her would attack me lol but its funny[lol]
if i want to sit infront of the fire nd i put a pillow on the floor he would sprint from he own bed and covers up my space so i cant site then he is crackers:lol:
....h eis too mental cant keep this goin on or i will write a huge story
1 more thing i wont to say...

he is the best doggie EVER.

29-Apr-09, 21:38
Wow!! Pip sound quite a pup and sounds like one puppy dog who wants to be a human...pinching all your fav places and wanting to bounce with you on the trampoline.....I bet you just have the greatest fun together;)

29-Apr-09, 22:10
Pip is lucky to have someone who loves and appreciates him so much.:D

29-Apr-09, 22:13
I agree Liz, Pip has landed on his paws there. He sounds like a very happy puppy :D

30-Apr-09, 06:59
thank you for the comments:D