View Full Version : CHANGE OF VENUE THURS 30th APRIL

29-Apr-09, 14:27
Caithness Spiritualist Centre wish to let everyone know that we have been badly let down by the Royal Hotel Thurso and at very short notice, therefore our evening tomorrow Thursday 30th April with Jenny Barnes has now been MOVED to Scrabster Hall. Only venue has changed, all times etc are the same.

29-Apr-09, 17:36
Thanks very much for that information Anne, much appreciated;)

29-Apr-09, 19:13
Did the spiritualists not see that move coming?

29-Apr-09, 19:15
Did the spiritualists not see that move coming?

I wondered who would come out with that comment! Trust it to be you golach!!!! :roll:

30-Apr-09, 01:00
Bumping to top to keep change of venue in public eye or should that be the third eye.....;)