View Full Version : Caithness Ceilidh Sounds

17-Oct-03, 21:21
Can anybody help me with getting in touch with this group - I have sent them an e.mail - no response in nearly a month. :~( I seem to remember from last year that they don't check their mail all that often - a name or a phone number would be appreciated.

They are a great group for entertainment!! :D

Mr P Cannop
17-Oct-03, 21:37
try giving leo a call on 01847 831 711

20-Oct-03, 19:09
Thanks Paul - I'll do just that!! :D

Mr P Cannop
20-Oct-03, 20:30
ok let me know how u get on ??

also their AGM is on 2nd november 7.30pm or 7pm check with leo ??