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28-Apr-09, 07:55
Im getting married later this year:D and Im having trouble on what the wedding favours would be. As I would like to have something different not the usual ones that you get at wedding.

Any ideas anyone. Probably the ladies and men will get different favours.


28-Apr-09, 09:57
have you tried confetti website there is alot of great things on there

28-Apr-09, 10:03
Lots of good ideas on here.


28-Apr-09, 11:24
Make it something personal to you and the groom.

Do you have any hobbies? Do you collect anything?

For example... say hubby to be likes fishing... for all the gents going to the wedding, present them with something that relates to fishing.

Say you collect teddy bears.... give all the females some kind of teddy, like a little ornament or a chocolate teddy...That kind of idea.

Or if you have something that you both enjoy use that as a basis :)

28-Apr-09, 11:55
One of my cousins had lottery tickets at each seat instead of favours-went down well! x

28-Apr-09, 12:00
We collected pebbles off the beach and wrote an english word on one site and a gaelic word on the other. They can be expensive to buy but it took us an afternoon to decorate them. You can see the idea here


Actually we didnt collect them - my wonderful artist friend had already collected pebbles from beaches around caithness for a project she had decided not to do so she gave them to me.

We used words like

trust,friendship, happiness, love, laughter and so on. Many of our friends have their pebbles on display on mantlepieces and the like. It was great.

28-Apr-09, 14:46
I had glass sheep as my favours, being a farmer they were very appropriate. I had them made in glass creations in Thurso. :)

28-Apr-09, 15:10
I had glass rosebuds in gold made by glass creations for the ladies and minature bottles of whiskey for the men for mine!
Candles are becoming popular...

28-Apr-09, 16:06
have you tried confetti website there is alot of great things on there

Yes they sent me a catalogue there are quite a few nice favours in there catalogue. :D

28-Apr-09, 20:19
Hi, I had wine bottle stoppers with a silver heart on the top, we wrapped ribbon round them with our names and the dates for the ladies. For the men we had chocolate footballs in little silver boxes!!! (OH is football mad!!)

28-Apr-09, 23:51
For our wedding we had, a White English Rose and a Scottish Thistle made in Glass creations they a were entwined together, with our names engraved and the date.

Ps........My Hubby is english and I am scottish

29-Apr-09, 08:34
Thanks for your replys everyone :D I have got a few good ideas now. I must get organised and start to make the wedding invitations. As October will be here before we know it.

29-Apr-09, 16:24
Im welsh and in wales we give love spoons, they are either wood or pewter, just google love spoon favors im sure you will find them. here is just one site