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27-Apr-09, 22:59
When I try to log onto the org between 10pm to anytime up till midnight I get a database error as if the site is offline. Am I alone in getting this?

Im not technically inept and have tried various different set ups and browsers only to get the same problem everytime.

Any ideas cause I am stumped!

27-Apr-09, 23:19
Unfortunately the wee hamsters which run the wheels which generate the electricity which keeps the Org servers going do occasionally have to stop for a tea break :D

Actually, the Org's been scheduled to go across to a more reliable server system for some time now which should massively reduce all those errors, but a lack of time, finances and time are not helping the cause.

Until then we'll have to coax a wee bit more out of the hamsters :eek:

* Please note that no animals are harmed in the running of the Org

...(or are they!!!)

Niall Fernie
01-May-09, 17:18
I've spent the last couple of days, at first being nice to the hamsters and then beating them with a big stick (hence the broken database yesterday).

I've rearranged their work schedule a bit so hopefully they wont run out off puff when things get busy.

I'm also chasing down some issues with BT and Orange (among others) who seem to think that all forum e-mail is spam. So if you know of anyone who has been trying to register and have had no success, this may be the problem.

01-May-09, 17:56
Personally, I've found gerbils to be far more efficient!!

They eat less, run cooler and are eternally in hyper mode which speeds up all your processes. Just be careful when handling though as they can bite!!;):)

Sorry, its Friday and I've just finished work for the week . . . . . .

02-May-09, 01:53
Do you have vBulletin's incoming connections set to 0 (Unlimited)? If not, it may be limiting the amount of connections to the forum.

Niall Fernie
02-May-09, 08:22
Yes we do. Its simply a case of server overload at the moment. Currently we share a server with a couple of thousand other sites and the load can be pretty heavy at certain hours of the day/night. We will be moving to our own server later in the year and that should solve all problems. Until then we just need to keep beating being nice to the hamsters :)