View Full Version : Internet Usage Monitoring

27-Apr-09, 12:51

Nothing will convince me this is a good idea or cost effictive in anyway.

What do you think, do we need this to keep our country save these days ?

Gene Hunt
27-Apr-09, 13:44
I wouldn't worry Starry.

Its a New Labour idea which means it will take 10 years to be set up and even then it wont work. This Cabinet gets more like the Politburo every day.

27-Apr-09, 13:55
:lol: very true !

I am not worried, my online life is pretty tame ;)

27-Apr-09, 14:53
guess i will have to cut my ties with al queda then:lol:
(im probably on some watch list now lol)
government doesnt give a fig about civil liberties, its like we're not entitled to them anymore.

27-Apr-09, 15:05
This is another way to spy on our internet activity. I.e. trying to crackdown on downloading.

Ridiculous, we have no privacy...they may aswell come into our houses sit down and have a cup of tea.