View Full Version : Long Finned Pilot Whales

26-Apr-09, 17:27
4x Long Finned Pilot Whales seen at The Grounds by the Angling fishing boat Stormdrift 2 (i think this is the outer part of Thurso Bay)
If thats correct thats quite close in for this species of Dolphin.
The arrival of Mackerel in the area seems to be the reason.
Not received many Pilot Whale reports over the last several years.
I'm well pleased with this one, many thanks Sandtiger.


23-May-09, 08:09
Must be a species which can bee seen from a boat more easily than land.
Silverline angling reported one on Thursday 21.05 around lunchtime in Dunnet bay and Highland sea charters had one somewhere in the same are yesterday 22.05.