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26-Apr-09, 16:18
I have a Vista laptop. I keep all my music etc on an external drive. How do I stop WMP automatically loading all the music from the external drive onto the laptop? I thought I had it so it wouldnt and all of a sudden its started loading the music onto the laptop. Help!!

26-Apr-09, 16:49
If you click on the drop down arrow under library, then if you go to "More Options. Click on the "Devices" tab and then find the hard drive you are plugging in and click once on it. Once you have done that click on properties which is about 3/4 of the way down the window. Then uncheck "Start sync when device connects". Don't forget to apply the settings and click ok ;)

Good luck.

Mr P Cannop
26-Apr-09, 18:09
how do i check to what version of wmp i have ??

27-Apr-09, 01:35
help / about


28-Apr-09, 08:38
Thanks Connor,I could not find that for the life of me!! Something else to file in my head!!:D

Mr P Cannop
28-Apr-09, 11:08
whats the lasest veriosn ??

28-Apr-09, 13:04
I believe it's 11, Mr P Cannop