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percy toboggan
26-Apr-09, 10:07
Son dropped off two boxed sets of this yesterday (we bought him the first). I'm already hooked, I think.

Looks like gripping stuff just two episodes in.

It seems the Americans are now doing this kind of thing far better than we are.

I wrote about 'The Wire' on here too recently. Having thoroughly enjoyed that I'm keen to see the next series.

Whilst I'm relatively immobile good quality entertainment is a Godsend.
I am also reading Bert Trautmann's biography, which is fascinating.

26-Apr-09, 10:37
I caught two episodes of 24 last week and could easily get hooked if I was bothered about watching, or rather would make the time to watch, them. Unfortunately a hectic and unpredictable lifestyle has all but precluded me from getting into any regular TV series' for the last few years.

Definately need take time to chill a bit more, but needs must at present :roll:.

26-Apr-09, 11:01
I've caught the odd episode of 24 over the last few series, but given my shift pattern at the time I couldn't keep up with the whole series, also rare for me to actually watch an American show. Good quality drama is a rare thing these days, those in charge of TV preferring to feed us an unending diet of cookery shows and soaps. On the soap front, I wouldn't mind being scrubbed up by some Desperate Housewives-it's one of the very few programs I switch my TV on for. [lol]

26-Apr-09, 11:55
Im Hooked on Desperate Housewives and Grey Anatomy

26-Apr-09, 12:20
Aye 24 looks quite addictive, same goes for Prison Break, after i'm finished watching the final season of The Sopranos i'm going to move on to Prison Break and then 24 after that, i have never seen a complete episode of either and i'm quite looking forward to it.
I have never heard of 'The Wire' before...next stop IMDB for some info. :D

26-Apr-09, 12:28
Just checked out 'The Wire', sounds like my kinda show, it's now on my 'To Watch' list, cheers Percy :D

Mystical Potato Head
26-Apr-09, 12:33
Never missed an episode of all the series of 24.Love it,a bit far fetched it may be but its well written ,acted and the storyline has more twists in it than the road to Inverness.
Addictive to say the least.

27-Apr-09, 09:33
ash - i totally agree with you i am 100% a grey's fan and heaven help anyone who comes into the room when it is on.

watched the first 24 and it was brilliant but never got the chance with the 2nd series and lost the plot!!!! so gave it up

also love casualty and holby

give me blood guts and gore any day especially if nice docs attached

percy toboggan
27-Apr-09, 10:31
Just checked out 'The Wire', sounds like my kinda show, it's now on my 'To Watch' list, cheers Percy :D

Second season starts May 4th BBC 2 Gizmo and might run nightly. - mayI suggest the subtitle option if you , like me struggle with the dialogue a little early doors.

Season one was great stuff.