View Full Version : family films

kitty kat
23-Apr-09, 23:33
you know the kind you have your gran at one end and sister with very young toddlers

can any one recommend a film for all ?

24-Apr-09, 12:45
WALL-E its got everything, action, lots of humour, sad in places and a love story.
My mate gave me a shot of it and i at first though nah aint gonna enjoy this but was well impressed with it.

the poacher
24-Apr-09, 18:44
got to be shrek 1.2or3 they are all brill.

24-Apr-09, 23:53
Pretty much any Disney / Pixar film - there are so many crackers which will appeal to all ages. Other than those I reckon Bugsy Malone, Daddy Day Care and Kindergarten Cop may also do the job.

25-Apr-09, 09:35

Lion King

Homeward Bound - all these have an animal theme.

percy toboggan
25-Apr-09, 10:38
Finding Nemo.
Bridge to Terabithia is good for slightly older kids and adults alike. Our 5 year old g/d coped with the unexpectedly tragic turn of events at the end. Now six,she declares it to be one of her favourites.