View Full Version : Who will play Jade Goody in a Movie of her Life?

23-Apr-09, 18:43
I was somewhat stunned to see Bookmakers Paddy Power offering odds on which actress will play the late Jade Goody in the first Big Screen biography of Jade's life.

The betting is as follows:-

Michelle Ryan 2 - 1

Ashley Jensen 9 - 4

Billie Piper 7 - 1

Lacey Turner 8 - 1

Jessie Wallace 8 - 1

Letitia Dean 10 - 1

Nikki Sanderson 12 - 1

Gemma Atkinson 14 - 1

Charlize Theron 16 - 1

Kate Winslet 18 - 1

Drew Barrymore 20 - 1

Cameron Diaz 25 - 1

Caroline Morahan 33 - 1

Sigourney Weaver 50 - 1

Dame Helen Mirren 80 - 1

Shilpa Shetty 100 - 1

Not being a big soap fan, some of these names mean little to me. I would observe that Helen Mirren is a bit long in the tooth though and I assume Shilpa Shetty is included for amusement purposes only.

Who's your money on?

23-Apr-09, 18:49
How about the woman who plays Janice in Coronation Street, Dead ringer

Anne x
23-Apr-09, 18:53
Renee Zellwegger or whatever her name is the one that played Bridget Jones

Gene Hunt
23-Apr-09, 19:02
Homer Simpson.

23-Apr-09, 19:11
I can't seem to find Vicky Pollard in the odds list???????

23-Apr-09, 19:21
Why the hell are they going to make a film about her? Just rerun Big Brother or the other mind numbingly tedious shows that she made.......

23-Apr-09, 19:23
Who is Jade Goody, is she famous?

23-Apr-09, 19:23
Gail Porter could do it, if you pumped her face up to 60psi and gave her a kebab she'd be a dead ringer ;)

I heard on the news today that her friends are making 'Jade Goody The Musical', it's finally happened, this country has gone proper stark raving mad.

23-Apr-09, 20:13
I don't know why they are betting on a movie, if BBC radio are to believed her family are planing a stage show. Just when you thought it was all over.

23-Apr-09, 20:25
Who is Jade Goody, is she famous?

No Golach, she certainly isn't...sorry, wasn't

Unless you think media 'celebrities' warrant the title of 'famous'.;)

23-Apr-09, 21:57
What about, Jordan aka Katie Price:)

23-Apr-09, 22:38
Kerry Katona......

23-Apr-09, 23:37
Matt Lucas, for the last few months.

23-Apr-09, 23:46
Yep, Matt Lucas !:lol::lol:

kitty kat
23-Apr-09, 23:48
for gods sake let her rest in piece i really dont think her kids will want or need to see any more she made her money
she made the kids money in recent stories
who is cashing in max clifford no less [disgust]

24-Apr-09, 02:36
I second that, i just hope that this is a massive joke, she wasn't a celebrity in the slightest and 'non celebs' have to deal with something like that all the time although i do feel that it was a public circus when she was diagnosed but all the same it would be taking the proverbial making a film out of her.

Just my thoughts.....

**feel free to ban me if i'm talking out of sorts mods**

24-Apr-09, 02:47
I was somewhat stunned to see Bookmakers Paddy Power offering odds on which actress will play the late Jade Goody in the first Big Screen biography of Jade's life.
I wasn't. Paddy Power will give odds on pretty much anything.

The truth is that there's been no suggestion of a 'Jade Goody' film as yet. Good ol' Paddy is just jumping the gun in typical Paddy P stylee, on the back of the recent news of a prospective 'Jade Goody' musical.

Paddy's created the market for his own ends. It's easy money.

24-Apr-09, 03:02
http://aolsearch.aol.co.uk/aol/redir?src=websearch&requestId=8fe254dd9355387c&clickedItemRank=1&userQuery=Jade+Goody+the+musical&clickedItemURN=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.bbc.co.uk%2F1%2Fh i%2Fentertainment%2F8014126.stm&title=BBC+NEWS+%7C+Entertainment+%7C+TV+plan+to+fi nd+%3Cb%3EJade+musical%3C%2Fb%3E+star&moduleId=matchingsites.jsp.M&clickedItemPageRanking=1&clickedItemPage=1&clickedItemDescription=WebResults [disgust]

Kevin Milkins
24-Apr-09, 03:08
Kerry Katona......

That would be a Goody choice.:roll:

Cinderella's Shoe
24-Apr-09, 08:18
Susan Boyle?

24-Apr-09, 13:23
Who would want to ??

24-Apr-09, 15:13
I'd suggest either Monica Gallagher or Mimi Maguire from Shameless would be ideal!

24-Apr-09, 16:19
Golam, Lord of the Rings stylee ;)