View Full Version : Large van hire

rs 2k
23-Apr-09, 17:25

We r looking for a van hire company

As far as Inverness

It has to be a big van, the bigger the better as long as u can drive it with a car licence [lol]

Going down to Lancashire and then up to Thurso with a full house load, so can't do 2 trips as too far [lol]

Can anyone please recommend a place at cheap price


23-Apr-09, 20:57
practical rental in inverness. for a 7.5 tonne you will be about 100 a day plus fuel.

rs 2k
23-Apr-09, 22:27
Thanx for that

I have checked them out and they seem reasonable

Doesn't say anything about milage, so is it unlimited or so much per mile? I wonder,

would be great unlimited, might give them a ring, once i get a date for going down [lol]

Thanx again