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23-Apr-09, 10:17
Milo has now been with us for nearly 3 weeks and it seems more like 3 months because he's settled in so well. He's a really happy little chap who loves to play and really loves his walks. Sadly, I daren't let him off the lead yet because the rehoming centre told me his recall is very bad, although I have discovered that, around the house and garden, he's very good at coming when he's called - particularly if he thinks there's a treat waiting. ;)

He's also a real handful when he meets other dogs or people - he's such a friendly chap he wants to say hello to everyone he meets, but to do that he jumps up at them, and he pulls like mad to get to other dogs. It was a nightmare when I had to take him to the vet the other day - he nearly pulled my arm off! :eek: I think I'll try and find somewhere local to take him for dog training sessions to see if he can be persuaded to calm down a bit.

As for Corby, on the whole she's not worried about Milo being here but they're not firm friends yet. There's still the occasional tussle for power between the two of them. One of them is going to end out deferring to the other eventually, but at this point in time it's difficult to predict which one of them could prove to be dominant over the other. Corby loves to play with Milo in the garden and tries to play with him when we're out for walks, but that isn't easy when Milo has to stay on the lead.

Indoors, however, is a different matter. Corby, being a typical greyhound, is such a couch-potato. She only really moves if there's any treats going, or if she's got a bit too hot where's she's snoozing and needs to move to a cooler spot. [lol] So when Milo starts getting excited and noisy, she gets that look on her face that says "can't a girl get a bit of peace anywhere to catch up on her beauty sleep?" and that makes you feel guilty about playing with Milo and not playing with Corby, even though she wouldn't play if you tried.

Still, it's early days yet. I'm sure things will sort out eventually.

23-Apr-09, 13:26
Milo just sounds a wonderful happy chappy and settling into his new found home with you and Corby. It really is a lovely story and it sounds as if he is just so excited at being part of his new world.
As you say a little bit of training is probably all he needs that will take him forward to a time when he will be able to have a gallop around without the leash and to stop pulling your arms out of the socket.:)
Keep telling us Milo's story...............