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23-Apr-09, 10:04
This is absolutely shocking case by a 12 year old girl, I couldn't watch the video as it was so sad and nearly made me cry. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2391386.ece

23-Apr-09, 11:16
Beth that is absolutly disgusting,hope they do the same to her,what she put that dog through.

23-Apr-09, 11:52
That is horrible.!! :(Why do parents not teach kids how to care for animals. I was brought up to treat my animals as i wanted to be treated.

23-Apr-09, 12:37
OMG![evil] I couldn't watch the video either.

What on earth possesses a seemingly nice 12 year old girl to do this?!!

23-Apr-09, 13:39
OMG![evil] I couldn't watch the video either.

What on earth possesses a seemingly nice 12 year old girl to do this?!!

The operative word is "seemingly". This is a child who needs to be looked at closely. Something is very very wrong with her.

23-Apr-09, 14:03
I just watched the video. I wish I hadn't!! At one point it looks like the dog might be trying to have a go back at her but doesn't manage it, Shame really, if it had bitten her she might think twice!!

23-Apr-09, 14:38
This is horrifying that 12 year old would even think of doing such a thing. Think it's her who needs a quick beating with the lead not the poor dog

23-Apr-09, 14:41
This is terrible :( poor dog! I couldn't watch the video. I do hope this is the end of the torture for the dog. Hopefully the girl will receive more than a talking to and being grounded, she clearly needs help! This is not normal behaviour.

23-Apr-09, 15:21
That is disgraceful!

I actually managed to bring myself to watch the video because i could not believe it was true! And it was awful! That poor poor little dog. It did not deserve that! :~([evil]

23-Apr-09, 15:22
i started watching and had to stop quickly. this dog must have been very very well behaved dog to not absolutely attack the horrible person doing that to him! i know my 2 dogs, both extremely well behaved, would have reacted if they were receiving treatment like that. i wonder if that was the first time she had done that? i note it quotes the owner say that she had been taking him out for a while, poor dog must have been petrified! makes me sick that anyone could act like that towards defenceless animals.

23-Apr-09, 15:55
The article also states that she takes other peoples dogs out for walks! Wonder if she done it to them! My OH's 2 boys know that they have to be good with animals and they are.

And all she gets is grounded! She should be banned from ever having pets of any kind! [evil]

23-Apr-09, 16:17
What a horror that child is, well done to the neighbour for catching it on film and putting an end to that dog's misery!

23-Apr-09, 16:20
im sure theres more to the story as well... from what it does say the parents were horrified. perhaps she will get a bit more than grounded.. but her dad really couldnt say that to a national paper now could he?
what got me was that it was not an in anger kick... you know, say the dog was misbehaving.. and pulling and dragging you along.. and you just loose it and jerk back on the lead and a thump in the rump... that poor spaniel was laying down tryin to make itself as small a target as possible. i agree too bad he didnt get a good chunk of her.. there was plenty to grab. shewas just kicking him along like he was a stone or a can ... and then to stand on his tail so he couldnt move out of the way!
my guess is social services will prob. step in with some psyc. evaluations.. theres something def. wrong there.
i can understand some one reacting out of anger or fear.. (not that it should be done) but makes more sence.. she was just being cruel because she could...

Miss Mack
23-Apr-09, 17:41
It's a pity the dog didn't attack her:confused

23-Apr-09, 18:05
Sadly Miss Mack, divine retribution doesn`t extend to dogs. If the dog had bitten in any circumstances it would have been deemed a dangerous dog and put down.

23-Apr-09, 18:46
Imagine if the poor dog had retaliated without this cruelty coming to light..... it would probably have lost it's life and it's owner would be gutted.

the poacher
23-Apr-09, 19:11
so horrible and so sad.

23-Apr-09, 20:05
That was so sad made me cry, But I saw in one of the posts written the parents being blamed, but I dont agree it just seems to be the way that society is going and its sooooooo sad
I wish parents never got the blame all the time for the cruel things that SOME kids do.

24-Apr-09, 03:20
The parents certainly can't be blamed in this case....

"The girl’s family were stunned when they saw the video — and revealed they had thought that she was an “animal lover”. The family has a cat — and had planned to buy the girl a puppy.
Her stunned dad shook his head in disbelief after seeing the film with Mr Green and said: “I don’t understand where this has come from.

“She loves animals. She walks a few people’s dogs. A man down the road said she’d end up a vet.
“She’ll not be getting a dog now. I can’t believe what I have just seen.”
He said he would be talking at length to his daughter — who he said would be “grounded”. The attack was filmed by a neighbour in a field near his home.

I have sympathy for the poor confused parents.
This girl must be seriously disturbed psychologically. [disgust]