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23-Apr-09, 08:29
Anyone recommend a dry stane dyker as looking to straighten a wall that has a curve in it. Would welcome any help. Thanks

23-Apr-09, 10:14
How about doing the job by yourself? Found this on the general forum and thought of you. :D
Good luck in your search.


23-Apr-09, 15:45
yup, I'd contact George Gunn who is likely to be taking the Dunnet weekend.

Having done his weekend course I can heartily recommend it if you have the time.

23-Apr-09, 23:36
Yes - George Gunn runs excellent courses, and is based in Caithness.

His business card says he has 26 years experience and is a Drystone Walling Association qualified Master Drystone Waller and Instructor
and has won an International Award for his three projects in Ormlie.

He also runs courses in drystone walling at the Scottish Traditional Skills Training Centre.

Do the course at Dunnett and build your own wall after !!

Highly recommended.

24-Apr-09, 19:34
Yip. highly recommend George Gunn too...
what everybody else said...