View Full Version : Omega Man

Cedric Farthsbottom III
22-Apr-09, 20:08
Watched this film on TCM movies this afternoon.What a crackin movie,based on the book I am Legend.Must admit,it was even better than the Will Smith film.Although 28 Days later was good too.Best post-apocalyptic film for me was Mad Max.Any other suggestions?:(

24-Apr-09, 03:26
Planet Of The Apes (The old one)

The Time Machine (The old one again)

24-Apr-09, 12:42
Mad Max 2 - the best one :D

Logan's Run - Still like watching this film today

Waterworld - Slated and a box office flop, but I enjoyed this film

Escape from new york - Good old snake pliskin ya gotta love him.