View Full Version : Free Packet of Sea Fishing Hooks

21-Apr-09, 12:55
A local mail order tackle shop is offering a free packet of hooks to anyone in the Caithness and Sutherland area. Minimum spend of a quid to get your free packet of hooks. :D

You can do it online Enter Promo Code: LOCALHIGH or just quote it when you speak to them.

Details can be found on their main homepage half way down under the News Flash section:


Even better is the fact you can order online then go pick up localy to save extra on the postage and packaging cost, so you just get for the actual price of the purchase

Very cheap and great gear too!

25-Apr-09, 07:20
Thanks for that link mate, I shall be using this outlet in future- 1 or 2 real bargains in there. I usually buy my gear off e-bay & bait from Hugo Ross but this is a handy link. Cheers:D

18-May-09, 15:21
Promotion ending 27th May :cry:

Was good whilst it lasted.

18-May-09, 16:42
So you still got 9 days left then ;).

Nah, i know you meant April 27th :):cool:

18-May-09, 19:32
Sorry Connor - But beg to differ, :Razz

If you look at the site it is 27th May - So still going but coming to an end very soon.

19-May-09, 15:05
i believe i've just been sat down :(