View Full Version : kilt hire in Wick

20-Apr-09, 18:53
Hi, could anyone tell me where I can hire a kilt from in Wick?

20-Apr-09, 18:54
McCallan's Menswear shop upstairs if they still do it but am sure they do

20-Apr-09, 18:55
I'm sure there is a kilt shop at the black stairs

20-Apr-09, 18:58
Yes McAllans they have their own web site type in highland dress

20-Apr-09, 19:06
Have tried McAllans, anyone know the name of the one at Blackstairs - can't seem to find a phone number

20-Apr-09, 19:34
Hi Scania144

Try this website:


It has email and a mobile number for Martin.

Hope this helps

20-Apr-09, 19:34
Have they stopped their kilt hire?

20-Apr-09, 19:44
Thanks for your help Nibbler, will give Martin a phone tomorrow.

20-Apr-09, 19:51
Can highly recommend Martin at the Blackstairs!

20-Apr-09, 21:05
I would also highly recommend Martin as well.
Has excellent customer service plus you get to have the kilt for about a week so plenty of time to make sure everthing fits ok

20-Apr-09, 21:07
Martins a good bloke, he'll do his best to sort you out.

22-Apr-09, 00:32
I thought it was compulsery to have your own kilt in the highlands ;) Kilt Hire? Im shocked !!!!!

22-Apr-09, 00:39
Me and some mates all went to Martin at the Blackstairs for hire for a wedding. Would definitely recommend him. If something doesn't fit when you get it then just pop in and see him and he'll sort it right out for you.

22-Apr-09, 01:19
I don't know about the blackstairs but when I got a kilt from Macallans I got it a week prior to the night I needed it so there was plenty of time to try it on and get bits changed if I needed it.

In fact they're so good we've ordered 10 kilts from there for my wedding!