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20-Apr-09, 14:53
I am looking for a storage facility for furniture within the county can any one recommend a specialist business?
We could also be interested in a removal firm.

20-Apr-09, 14:56
Colin Mackenzie Removals and Storage?

Anne x
20-Apr-09, 15:41
Colin Mackenzie Removals and Storage?

Totally agree Lizz we used them when we moved out of Caithness they came packed the house up including Pots from the Garden kept our furniture and met us at our New Home 2 days later unpacked everything put in the proper room all done very effeciently even our clothes from the Wardrobes were hung in Cardboard ones for the transportation a few weeks later they called in and picked up the empty packing Boxes from our first dealings with a enquiry to the office to the very last excellent

20-Apr-09, 17:25
Add my tick to Colin`s box.

For smaller removals within the County Plowman`s carpets were brilliant.

W & D Ross paint shop and hardware shops in Thurso have storage facilities.

Hope this helps.

20-Apr-09, 18:35
Another vote for Colin Mackenzie's here - they did a brilliant job of moving us up from Croydon, including storing our stuff while we took a slightly more leisurely route up here.

21-Apr-09, 00:33
Colin Mackenzie took my 3 piece suite and glass table and chairs into storage for a few days when i had to get a hospital bed in for a few days. My furniture was delivered back and the cost was not expensive at all.