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19-Apr-09, 20:02
think everybody in here knows about my baby, Brodie, but here is my old lady, Cola who has just turned 19 years old and still going strong.

She can't jump any more as too stiff in her joints and she's as deaf as a post but to look at her you would never guess how old she is.

All she wants from life now is a cuddle, a nice warm, preferably sunny, spot to sleep in and feeding 30 times a day (swear she has dementia as you put her up for her food, she eats it, then 10 mins later she's meowning again to be put up for food) - hopefully she will be around for a few more years



19-Apr-09, 20:06
What an amazing age :eek: you must be doing something right :lol:

19-Apr-09, 20:41
She is beautiful and looks in fine fettle. Her markings are called painted rather than tortoise shell and painted cats are looked upon as being lucky both in themselves and owners...She should have a few more years left yet as they are known to be long lifers. I had one up till a few years ago when she passed away in her sleep at the ripe old age of 23..............:)

19-Apr-09, 20:55
thanks for that Teenybash, I have never heard of painted before and always refer to her as a tortie. She is in fine fettle right enough and I would say she's got a few more years yet too - that is if the meowing doesn't get any more - cos she's deaf she isn't hearing how loud she is :eek:

me and my 1st husband got her and her brother (who we called Gin cos he was ginger) after we got home from honeymoon and they were kittens from a ferral cat, Cola never lost that ferral instinct and when younger was deadly with her claws, and I have the scars to prove it from when I tried to groom her :lol:, she's definately still Top Dog in our house, all the others treat her with the respect she deserves

19-Apr-09, 23:13
Your painted lady is beautiful Dragonfly.:D

My cat Charly is 18 this year and, despite having a heart murmur, he doesn't look or act his age. He had sore joints but after giving him a homeopathic remedy he has started running again!!!

Wishing you many more happy years with the lovely Cola.