View Full Version : Desperately seeking a Yorkie Puppy

19-Apr-09, 17:39
Does anyone know of any Yorkie breeders from Inverness up? I have a family member who desperately wants a pup to replace her much loved Yorkie. Brilliant home guaranteed.

25-Apr-09, 18:50
Does anybody know?

25-Apr-09, 20:56
Hi Unicorn

sorry don't know of any yorkie breeders but just wanted to say that if your family member does find a breeder please get them to check that the breeder BILE ACID TESTS puppies.......

Yorkies are a breed that has high numbers of puppies born with Liver Shunts (what my Brodie was born with) and this simple test would show at an early age any pups with a shunt. Unfortunately they would then be PTS but better that than the problems it would be storing up for a potential owner who by the time it was discovered would be bonded with the puppy

25-Apr-09, 21:16
Hi Unicorn, if you go to the kennel club website they have a list of breeders and a puppy finding service too so hopefully you will find one soon, can't think of anyone who breeds these as my connections are really only russells and gundogs.

25-Apr-09, 21:34
The nearest yorkshire terrier breeder ive seen is Aberdeen. :eek:

25-Apr-09, 21:37
Thanks for the info Dragonfly I will pass that on. I contacted the Scottish yorkie club secretary and her closest was Elgin or Burghead. I will have a look on the Kennel club website kathy thanks for that.