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Mr P Cannop
01-Sep-01, 08:09
Who won the Quiz Last Thursday Night (30/8/01)

01-Sep-01, 13:08
I think Partan won it. Please would someone let us know if I'm wrong? :)

01-Sep-01, 20:02
Aye, Partan walked it, in fact he hopped it. I think future quiz masters should take note of the rather ugly events which occurred towards the end of Thursday nights quiz. Highlander ( the same one who i see is trying to flog her husband on the for sale page )decided that one of the answers given by the quizmaster was wrong. That sort of behavior canna be tollerated, so she was hastily shown a red card. At the same time her co-ert from Week, sjr thought she would throw tuppance worth in and was hastily shown a yellow card, quickly followed by another one. They then refused to leave the feild of play, and proceeded, to stir up the other females in the quiz room. I list the following females and their crimes so that future quizmasters may take action before it gets out of hand. You; abuse of Sean Connery, plus a points total of -3, htwood and weegili; sexual harrasment of quizmaster, kay; causing unrest, and wanting to change the day and time of the quiz so as she could get a lie in on a saturday morning, and betty, im nmot sure what she was up to but it would be no good. Any pleading for mercy can be put to partan, who im sure will be able to sort you lot out. Good luck partan.

01-Sep-01, 21:30
Thanks for the good wishes, Gleeber.

I'll need all my wits about me to deal with the shower who inhabit the depths of the Quiz Room!!

See you Thursday.


03-Sep-01, 10:08
For your information, Gleeber, it was not I who initially brought up the subject of changing the day of the quiz, at last Thursday's quiz night! :Razz Someone else brought it up, presumably because they had read my polite message on the message board, which merely inquired how everyone felt about holding quiz night on Friday nights instead. As I explained there, it is because we are an hour ahead of UK time in Germany.I believe you or somebody else asked at the quiz who wanted to change the day...otherwise I would not have brought the matter up there and then! Also, I did not suggest changing the time the quiz started, that was somebody else. Furthermore, the reason for my request is not so I can have a long lie in on Saturday mornings, as you suggest. It is because our computer is my sons' room, and they get to stay up later on a Friday night, seeing as they don't have to get up for school at 6.30 am the next morning. Therefore, I can stay on the computer longer on a Friday night. But I realise that majority rules, and if Friday night is not convenient for most people, then the quiz should remain on Thursday nights. :eyes

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03-Sep-01, 16:38
If I am accused of sexual harassment, the only question that remains is: Gleeber, are you bragging or complaining? LOL

P.S. Sean Connery would have taken it in stride.

03-Sep-01, 18:41
oh please please please, can we change quiz night to the weekend so I can participate in these fun events? ...not that I like a broohaha or anything...

03-Sep-01, 19:52
I am so sad :cool:

How can a total of -3 be counted up? Does that mean that You was ahead of the game? :grin:

03-Sep-01, 20:32
a note to Partan: what Gleeber failed to realize is that in order to have authority, one must have respect. Good luck to you as you make your debut as Quizmaster, I hope you have better control over "The Harem". Time will tell.

03-Sep-01, 21:50
Gleeber...Do you really believe what Ht and I were doing to you wiz sexual harassment?,,,,LOL :Razz Yir mind must hvae been in the gutter if thats what you thought:p:)

04-Sep-01, 06:47
Look, i already told ye lot. Its no use pleading to me for mercy, Partans yur man. Wheres highlander, think she mustve gotten a trade in.

04-Sep-01, 19:29
Who's begging for mercy???? Highlander is probably resting to get in form for Thursday night :cool: