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18-Apr-09, 20:01
this is Bobbi
I messed up other thread somehow oops



18-Apr-09, 20:03
Daddy Cammie Dubh



18-Apr-09, 20:06
aww Bobbi is so sweet Unicorn and I love her star on her chest.........just gorgeous

hell raizer
18-Apr-09, 20:11
isn't that the pictures o cammy you took a couple of days after we got him, poor boy was very nervous with all the change. bobbi is going to be her dads double.:D

18-Apr-09, 20:36
It is those same pics, I will need to get some new ones of him.

the poacher
18-Apr-09, 21:06
aww bobbi is just beautifull and looks very happy big smile on his/her face
so sweet.

18-Apr-09, 21:08
She really is an incredibly relaxed puppy, an absolute joy. :D

the poacher
18-Apr-09, 21:37
i wish my puppy panzer was like your little one dont get me wrong he is lovely but can be a bit boystorous but hes only 8 weeks old love him to bits though wouldnt change him for the world.

18-Apr-09, 21:47
She was 8 weeks old on Tuesday. I am just waiting for the madness :lol: typical whippet though a wee burst then sleeps the rest of the day [lol]

the poacher
18-Apr-09, 21:59
She was 8 weeks old on Tuesday. I am just waiting for the madness :lol: typical whippet though a wee burst then sleeps the rest of the day [lol]

my runs riot all day sleeps from about 10 at night and gets me up at 6 every moring just to say good moring to us then by 7 he goes to sleep again for an hour the wee tike he is

hopefully you wont have that problem lol.

18-Apr-09, 22:13
What breed is your pup? Sounds like a wee whirlwind. I just took her through for her supper and she went to the door and wee'd when I let her out yay. She has been so good toileting so far it's scary.......... I bet she is just giving me false sense of security [lol]

18-Apr-09, 22:15
What a wee smasher you have there.

I forsee "chaos" and happiness.:D

18-Apr-09, 22:19
The last puppy I had was Kira and compared to her as a puppy this wee one is a mouse. [lol] Boxers are always puppies [lol]

the poacher
18-Apr-09, 22:24
hes a staffy x collie


hes just georgous!

18-Apr-09, 22:28
Awwwwwww bless he is gorgeous and tiny and huggable awwwwww :D I just gave Bobbi her milky pasta supper and I think she is telling me my cooking sucks :lol: 3 bits of pasta and she went back to sleep :roll:

hell raizer
18-Apr-09, 22:33
ha ha, bobbi's learning fast. poacher your puppy is lovely

the poacher
18-Apr-09, 22:34
naa i think she is well loved and was happy with her dinner if your giving her milky pasta for supper what do you give her for her dinner
T bone steak by any chance only joking

my wee one has just had his biscuits and water then away to bed he went.

the poacher
18-Apr-09, 22:35
ha ha, bobbi's learning fast. poacher your puppy is lovely

thanks hell raizer

18-Apr-09, 22:37
ha ha, bobbi's learning fast. poacher your puppy is lovely
I will send her to granny in the morning for her scrambled eggs :lol:

hell raizer
18-Apr-09, 23:27
who, bobbi or wee unicorn :lol:

18-Apr-09, 23:32
You can have the two of them [lol]

hell raizer
19-Apr-09, 00:10
thats not nice :roll:

19-Apr-09, 00:21
I want them back when they are fed and watered [lol]

20-Apr-09, 15:21
unless im mistaken, i saw wee bobbi at the vets today!! what a wee sweetie she is.

my dopy goon Lurch was was doing the pathetic "i dont wanna go to the vets!!" well its his own fault for chasing cats and hurting himself!!:roll:

20-Apr-09, 17:50
Ahhhh yes you did :lol: what a job it was walking home carrying puppy, puppy pack and holding wee ones hand :lol: Lurch is a big lad. Hope you got on ok.

20-Apr-09, 20:19
yep, hes fine, had his pain killer for his strained shoulder when we got home and perked up prettly quick. so much for his resting up tho, hes just be off to play in the pond near Hoy pumping station, que one soggy doggy!:roll:

20-Apr-09, 21:05
Typical they string you along until you spend cash, then mysteriously perk up :lol:

21-Apr-09, 01:21
Bobbi looks the image of my bobby 9 years ago. i have been trying to get a picture of him on here but it wont work

Margaret M.
22-Apr-09, 17:27
Bobbi is a beauty, Unicorn! Poacher, your wee puppy is lovely too.

22-Apr-09, 23:03
Bobbi and daddy, looks like he is wondering what he has got himself into


Bobbi being a T Rex, Cammie was so patient it was unreal


hell raizer
22-Apr-09, 23:13
poor cammie didn't know what hit him, bobbi was swinging from his ears :lol: