View Full Version : Accommodation in Orkney

17-Apr-09, 09:44
I'm looking for accommodation for 6 persons for one night at the end of May this year on the Orkney mainland.

3 twin rooms would be ideal. Have a bias towards the Kirkwall area or near Harray. I've a budget of about 30 to 35 per person.

Any recommendations? (or places to I should avoid!)

17-Apr-09, 19:42
I stayed in a lovely place not far from standing stones hotel. Its a purpose built b&b - I never had breakfast there, but I'm told the breakfasts were lovely.

I would always try there as my first option any time I am over now, but maybe its not the location you are looking for as it is nearer stromness than kirkwall.

21-Apr-09, 00:18
have you tried the lynfield? its gorgeous, very close to kirkwall and if you phone them they can often give you group deals. i know we've had them for boozy weekends!