View Full Version : Bed and breakfast help req Aberdeen

jim shoe
16-Apr-09, 20:42
Hi guys my dad need a procedure carried out in what will probably be the Aberdeen royal infirmary.

Anyone know of any reasonably priced guesthouses in that Area.

I have accessed the interenet but some of them are asking in excess of 65, if i wanted to pay that i would book a hotel.

Any suggestions please.

Thank you all in Advance.:)

16-Apr-09, 20:52
Hi stayed in Red crosss house in Aberdeen when my husband went to Aberdeen hospital,its very good and was only about 25 each (less than 2 years ago).here is the phone no.01224592226 .Its not far from hospital and sometimes they have a mini bus going.Rooms have t.v and are en-suite, you get lovely breakfast and you can use the kitchen any time,the place is spotless would highly recommend. p.s Its 20 times better than Kyle court in Inverness

jim shoe
16-Apr-09, 21:53
Thank you very much for replying to me Joe, it was kind of you.

Glad that red cross house is good, someone suggested we stay there but i was unsure.

We stayed in kyle court last year and it was horrendous.

Last time we went down we by pased kyle court all together, thas how bad it truly was.

Thank you one again:)

Alice in Blunderland
16-Apr-09, 22:29
Another helpful link is this one taken from the hospitals website: