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16-Apr-09, 19:54
Someone was telling my mother that there's a handyman in Thurso who does wee jobs for the pensioners for free. Is that right? And, if so, is this part of a Council scheme or a charity thing? And is there a Wick equivalent?

16-Apr-09, 20:24

What is Care and Repair?
Care and Repair offers free and confidential information and advice for older people and people with a disability who are homeowners or private tenants to enable them to improve, repair or adapt their homes.
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Who is eligible?

If you are elderly or have a disability or a family member has a disability, you may be eligible for assistance through Care and Repair.

You should also generally fulfil all following criteria:

You are a homeowner or private tenant
You have lived in the your home for a minimum of two years
Your household income is below 16,000 per annum
You are aged over 60 years or you have a disability, or otherwise the works must benefit a member of your the household who has disabilities

16-Apr-09, 21:14
I think the Care & Repair Handyman covers wick also 01847 892507

08-May-09, 00:44
The service is also for council house tenants, not just house owners.

08-May-09, 13:33
Used this service to have grab rails fitted in the bathroom when dad moved house. Delighted with service. In his previous house he had an extra bannister rail put in and was pleased with that too.