View Full Version : Still feeling randy.

14-Apr-09, 17:19
A bit of a problem here.

We got Scorrie "done" so hoped that would be the end of him going nuts when our female was in heat.
Unfortunatly someone forgot to tell him and for want of a better way of putting it ,he even trys to "ride" her face.:eek:

Is this going to be the state of play from now on.:(

14-Apr-09, 20:18
Don't know when your dog had the chop but it can take a few months to be effective and even then it's not guaranteed to stop the 'humping'.

We have neutered GSDs that don't care a bit when our Shih Tzu comes into season but we also have a neutered Yorkie who's 13 and 'rides the face off her'. Yuk! Such uncouth words.

Some it works on, others it doesn't. I believe that the age they are when they're neutered can make a difference too.
It could also be simple dominance. Neutering may stop the compulsion but it won't stop instinct. Make sense? Not sure it does even to me but I know what I mean. Those blasted Pre historic frogs, Lizzards and Anacondas have addled my brain. :eek:

14-Apr-09, 20:43
It's early days yet for Scorrie and his rampant rabbit act can take up to a year to diminish. The results of his op should make a difference as he was still young.........sometime the older dog never loses the urge.
I remember a bull , years ago when put to the cow would end up dealing with the wrong end...the cows head. My trick was to have a pocketful of potaoes, which was his favourite treat and when he got into a muddle, called him over, gave him a couple of tatties and next time round he would get it right.......................Don't think the potato trick would work with Scorrie though!!!![lol]

14-Apr-09, 21:18
Porshie,I didnt mean to offend but the description really does mean he trys to ride her face,her side her leg etc,etc.:eek:

'rides the face off her'. Yuk! Such uncouth words.

He's only been done about 6 weeks so maybe its early days.

14-Apr-09, 21:22
Teenybash as well you know food will not be a distraction,maybe a sore face from the object of his desire.:lol:

14-Apr-09, 22:42
He may well get a snap at things dangling in her face which may curtail him ..... or give him a new challenge:lol:
Anyway he will soon know he isnt the boss and she is....