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14-Apr-09, 14:51
Can anyone help me with my mission of getting in contact with a farrier in Caithness?

I used to have Don Sutherland before he retired, i've tried phoning Margaret Norquoy and Keith Hedley for days with no answer. Does anyone know when they will next be in the area?

If i can't get in contact with them i will phone a vet from Thurso to do it, has anyone else had to do this recently? I have 3 ponies needing trimmed up and am just wondering how much roughly this will be through the Vets.


14-Apr-09, 15:53
with keith ,if you leave a message on the no he gets back to you within the day.could be in the evening though.would recommend him,good luck

14-Apr-09, 19:12
You could try Sandy from watten but you'd have to pick him up as he doesn't drive, his number is 01955621201

14-Apr-09, 19:45
You could try Sandy from watten but you'd have to pick him up as he doesn't drive, his number is 01955621201

I thought sandy retired years ago. Its sandy i used to get when i had my horse but he retired when i was just about to sell my horse.

14-Apr-09, 21:01
Sandy is stil active trimming and shoeing in Caithness, tho I use Keith and he will be in Caithness doing my bunch tomorrrow, there is also another guy who comes here tho his name escapes me at the moment as he is one I have not used! Good luck finding a farrier

14-Apr-09, 22:00
Hi. margaret is great but u have to leave a message and she will get back to u, really quick

Good luck

14-Apr-09, 22:41
I don't think Sandy will ever retire!

14-Apr-09, 23:19
Thanks for your posts, managed to get in contact with Keith Hedley tonight so he will be coming to see the Highlands on Friday...phew!

15-Apr-09, 07:31
didnt margaret leave caithness?

15-Apr-09, 22:24
Yip, she's in orkney !
But she does still come over once a month i'am told :)

16-Apr-09, 19:46
Hey Margaret leaves this weekend I think to go back to Orkney!

Nick Crosby would be who you are thinking of Kathy ??

20-Apr-09, 09:16
The farier Nick Crosby is in sutherland his number can be found on yell.com i think the business is something like highland farrier company.