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13-Apr-09, 20:05
Can anyone recommend a good laptop for around 400?

I don't want to spend too much, as it's just going to be a 2nd computer, with my desktop being the main computer. It needs to be idiot friendly, as I'm hoping my husband will use it! I was thinking about the Sony Vaio laptop for 350 in Argos, but they are sold out! :roll:

13-Apr-09, 22:12
What's it likely to be used for? Is there anything in particular he will need (i.e. card reader if he's into photography, bluetooth for linking to a mobile phone, webcam, etc.)?

13-Apr-09, 23:55

this is the one I recently purchased. Its quite nice, good price. Idiot proof too!

14-Apr-09, 02:31
I have bought a few things, including my present laptop from ebuyer, and have had no problems with them.

This Dual Core, Acer laptop (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/159426) they have just now looks like quite a good deal.:)

14-Apr-09, 17:23
I'm hoping to use the laptop to teach my hubby, as he has no idea how to use a computer!

I would also be using the laptop, so would need a card reader as I take loads of pics on my digital camera.

It would mainly be used for the internet. :)

15-Apr-09, 00:22
Of the two recommended here I'd plump for the Acer from Ebuyer - it has a better processor & bigger screen and is only 10 more than the Argos offering. I use Ebuyer regularly and find them excellent to deal with, and this model ticks all the boxes IMO.

If you have a preference for Windows XP instead of Vista then it is possible to get systems with both Vista & XP options.

15-Apr-09, 12:37
I Just Got myself a new Dell laptop. its was from tesco for 399 and had 50 off!

Its great!

17-Apr-09, 16:00
ACER Aspire 5535 from Tesco in Wick. Reduced to 399.

17-Apr-09, 16:06
Thanks for the help everyone.

Still haven't made a decision, but will hopefully get a chance to look around at the weekend.
Hubby has decided that he doesn't want an Acer laptop - doesn't like the name apparently! Seeing as he is going to pay for it, I'll have to let him have some say in the decision! :lol: