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27-Feb-06, 18:47
I'm now , it seems, able to select an avatar to accompany my posts. I though about it for two minutes - what can I have with a Scottish theme that sayd something about me.

So I chose this one - having manipulated a familiar image which I like a lot.
(the music too)
Apologies to any fans of the band. Do you mind?

My truck is very old,very dirty almost constantly beaten up and battered but it is undeniably 'big'.

Never judge a man by the size of his vehicle. Lorry drivers get enough bad publicity, I'm happy for now to vaunt what I do for a livin' course I might soon get fed up wi' it ! (the logo not the job- at 54 I'm lumbered for life I think)

27-Feb-06, 19:59
LM, can't see any avatar! Could you put your lights on please! Ann

27-Feb-06, 20:09
Aha! Have just checked your profile and I see you have good taste in music! See Donnie most times I am in Skye. Ann :)

27-Feb-06, 22:24
Is that your lorry the police are looking for landmarker if so can I have a loan lol :)