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12-Apr-09, 00:11
What would you suggest i get as im going to upgrade yon television set.
And are there any freeview arials (aerials) that you would suggest i get i dont mind splashing out the cash for good picture.

thank you

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12-Apr-09, 00:23
cant recommend any specific aerials but until the digital transmitters go high power around here, then you will need a wideband hi-gain one [unless you live ontop of the transmitter.
the sky muxes [bundles of channels] are right down the far end of the tv band [old ch.62 i think] whereas the rest are within the standard analogue.
thats why so many people get issues with the sky stuff on freeview.
as for HD, like everything digital, it will either work or not, but a good strong clean signal helps!