View Full Version : immobiliser

11-Apr-09, 19:55
can anyone recommend someone to remove an after sales immobiliser from my truck please? i've been told there is a bloke round wick harbour area - Gordon Morrison? anyone have a number for him please?

11-Apr-09, 22:56
Don`t know the guy you are asking about, but when we had problems with a clifford alarm and immobiliser it was fixed in no time by the young gent in the car parts shop at the top of the harbour brae, along from where A&D furnishers used to be. "Overloch" I think it is called.

11-Apr-09, 23:37
is that in wick or thurso poppett?

11-Apr-09, 23:50
Sorry, Tuggs, In Wick on Breadalbane Terrace I think it is called.