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11-Apr-09, 14:15
Hi i was wonderig if anyone knew where i could hire a carpet cleaner or where i could borrow one for a day or two

the dog ate loads of seaweed the other day and i gave him some lasagne left from dinner last night and he spewed in the lobby my room and the living room and he wasnt house trained as i was told and he been messing in the house and i want to get the carpets nice and clean again

i got a dhot of one today but its rubbish like doesnt even sook the dirty water back up just spits it out and doesnt even clean much just little strips barely cleaned a half a metre squared with 2ltr of water and its patchy aswell

any advice would be helpful or if you can lend one i would be grateful

thnx GWTT

11-Apr-09, 14:17
Plowmans Carpet s Have one for hire as do Shearers d.i.y shop in Wick

11-Apr-09, 14:20
....as do Homebase. Good luck with the cleaning.

11-Apr-09, 14:28
hi saw someone hiring one on notice board in coop thurso 15 pounds.

11-Apr-09, 14:35
cool i will go look in the coop now hope they do saturdays lol i want to get it done while i am motivated plus the carpet is wet from the rubbish one i used already lol

Celtic YNWA
11-Apr-09, 14:35
and so do somerfield

11-Apr-09, 14:44
i should of said thurso lol i dont have a car and cant get a lift so needs to be in thurso so i can at least afford a taxi to get it lol

but thanks tho :)

11-Apr-09, 15:48
Ross` hardware shop in Thurso have one for hire. Notice in the window when I passed the other day.

11-Apr-09, 16:07
thanks poppet i am going down at 5 just as they close to get one your a star :)

08-Sep-09, 13:55
Did you eventually hire the one from W&D Ross?

Any good?

Need to do some carpet cleaning, but worried it'll take ages to dry.

08-Sep-09, 14:10
Would love to know the report on this too.

I just got a new carpet put down in my hallway upstairs and down. In comparrison my other carpets look grubby, so would mind hiring a decent one out to spruce them up a bit :D

10-Sep-09, 17:29
Hi Caithness Mobile Car Valeting do carpet and upholstery cleaning service they very good and not very expensive an average size room is about 30/35 hope this is some help:)