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10-Apr-09, 21:58
On my way home from work today i stopped of in castletown for something different for dinner.the butchers had greek style pork steaks well i would highly recommend them they were so tender theymelted in my mouth . Also a .couple of weeks ago i had one of their steak pies which i would highly recommend.Also the staff are very friendly especially the young girl whos always happy and smiling and willing to help.

10-Apr-09, 22:12
did you mean to put this in the photography section???

yuyp the greek pork steaks are good, the ordinary pork steaks are good, the streaky pork is good, the stir fry beef is good, the sirloins are good, the pork sausages are good, the beef olivers are good, the chicken curry is ESPECIALLY good, the mince is good, well they're all more than good all excellent....

and when they have them in the chicken and haggis parcels yummy....

best butcher around i'd say!!!

North Light
11-Apr-09, 10:06

I don't suppose there's a chance of a photo of the "greek style pork steaks", or were they so good that you've eaten them already :-)

11-Apr-09, 11:23
Am so sorry i ate them. Promise next time i will take a photo first any other reqests let me know thanks lol. pingu

14-Apr-09, 18:03
I agree the Castletown Butchers are fantastic. Always very helpful staff and the meat is excellent quality. Keep up the good work x