04-Oct-03, 17:39

Does anyone know how long it takes to get from Wick to Perth driving at a 'moderate speed'?
We have to collect our dog from a Vet Clinic in Fife tomorrow and I know it takes an hour to get there from Perth.

Some people say it will take four hours to get to Perth but one person said it will take six!! :roll:

If anyone can give me an idea I'd be really grateful. :D


Colin Manson
04-Oct-03, 20:04

If you get a clear road it should take about 4 hours, if it's not so clear it could take an extra 30 minutes.

I've never taken longer than 4 hours 30 mins unless the weather has been really bad.

Hope that helps.


04-Oct-03, 20:09
Thanks Colin!

You're not going to Perth tomorrow are you?!!!!! :D


George Brims
08-Oct-03, 00:28
Colin you must be driving on weekends or very late at night or when there's a big footie game on TV. I recently drove from Inverness to Wick and back on a Friday and it took me 3 hrs going north and 2.5 coming back. I am not exactly famous for my observance of speed limits. The problem is all the really slow traffic on the road, coupled with the fact there's so much opposing traffic when one does encounter a straight bit of road. Worst of all was a man who drove at a steady 50 (10 below the speed limit right?) and every time he passed a sign saying "speed cameras" he braked to 45 and didn't speed up for a few miles. I was behind him for ages. At least the Inverness-Perth bit has dual carriageway (not enough of it mind you). My record is Penicuilk to Inverness (Lochardil area) 1 hr 50 minutes, but pre-speed-cameras, and in late evening.

I also had to apply my "count the honks dimwit" tactic to a couple of mobile home/caravan types. This tactic is: 1) when following such a vehicle allow it to pass one layby or other place where they could have let me pass - after all no-one wants to be pulling off all the time: 2) once it's clear they are blithely driving along with no intention of letting anyone pass, honk once the next time they pass a sutable spot: 3) honk twice at the next one, three times at the next etc etc. I have NEVER got to 5!

Colin Manson
08-Oct-03, 00:57

2.5 hours is an average speed of 86 mph
3 hours is about 72 mph

Liz asked for the time at 'moderate speed' so I quoted 4 hours.

I didn't think it was relevant to post a list of 'best times' or records. Too many people die on our roads as it is without trying to encourage racing.

08-Oct-03, 12:17
Hi Colin,

The time you gave me was spot on so thanks!

I quite agree with you about 'racing' on the road and that's why I asked for the time using a moderate speed. I didn't want to get there in the quickest time but the safest!!


George Brims
08-Oct-03, 19:15
I wasn't trying to encourage racing or boast about my time, merely to illustrate how quickly one can complete a journey when you hit *totally* clear conditions. That night I only passed 3 cars in either direction the whole way from Perth to Inverness. It was 2 nights before Christmas and everyone must have been busy wrapping presents or stuffing their turkey or whatever. A normal daytime drive of that same route I would have expected to take about three and a half to four hours, more with the kids necessitating potty stops.

Note also that my quoted times of 3 and 2.5 hours were just from *Inverness* to Wick and back, not all the way to Perth.