View Full Version : Cat with sensitive stomach?

08-Apr-09, 12:28
My cat seems to have a sensitive stomach, he seems to be able to take different food/biscuits for so long and then its as if his stomach starts rejecting it as he keeps being sick.

I phoned the vets and the woman on phone says he probably just has sensitive stomach and no need to take to vets but this is just a recent thing this last maybe 3 months that it has got quite bad, he is only 2 and has not had a problem before.

Does anyone else have this probelm with their cat?? If so what sort of thing do you feed your cat?? At the moment I just give him ordinary whiskas food and biscuits but I think he is getting a bit sick of it.

08-Apr-09, 13:04
I am not an expert on cat's stomachs, but if this persists, I would take him to the vet and have his bloods checked to make sure his liver and kidneys are functioning properly.

I had a similar problem with my dog, who turned out to a liver problem. Not saying that is the cause here, but at least it would rule these things out.

08-Apr-09, 14:20
One of my cats cannot tolerate dry food. Might be worth cutting out the biscuits and just using the moist food.

08-Apr-09, 14:38
I have a cat with a sensitive stomach who cannot eat any of the big brand cat crunchies without being sick. The only crunchies she can eat are the ones in the foil bag from Lidl. Moist food she can only eat Whiskas Oh so Fishy.
Sometime a cat can be sick if they are needing wormed again.
If it is a sensitive stomach you could try Slippery Elm....I buy online....and your cat would only need a pinch mixed with her food.............
Sometimes a little natural yoghurt helps with tummy probs.:)

08-Apr-09, 23:12
I have a cat with same problem but he is 17 so think it is his age the only food he can eat is felix and some whikers to be honest think it is his age am to scared to take him to vet in fear that he made advise putting hin down would break my heart had him so long x