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07-Apr-09, 09:50
Have any of you had problems connecting to the net? For much of Mon 6 April I could not connect - "Remote computer not responding". Same thing this morning but I was successful after about a dozen attempts. I can't say I'm confident that I'll get back on later today though...

07-Apr-09, 09:56
With Tiscali too. Had problems connecting yesterday morning but ok later on. No problems today.

08-Apr-09, 09:14
Aye me too. I'm getting on line occasionaly after a lot of tries. So I phoned tiscali and they tell me it should be OK by the week-end seemingly a digger near the Olimpic Stadium in London has cut right through the lines to their HQ !!!

08-Apr-09, 11:24
Thanks folks, at least I know it's not my PC. Took me a dozen tries to connect just now.

08-Apr-09, 12:15
This happened on the 5th and the vast majority of services were restored this morning. It was a pretty major disaster as far as BT were concerned. Almost 2000 damaged fibre's totaling 70,000 phone lines were affected. BT still couldn't get access to their tunnel by Monday morning as it was too dangerous. I'm not sure what kind of equipment a large thrust borer is but it penetrated a tunnel 32m below the road and caused chaos!

Mother Bear
08-Apr-09, 14:37
Ah, glad to know it wasn't just me being dim trying to connect unsuccessfully! Worse part was getting cut off half way through the org quiz! I'll never win, but I had earned a few points!

08-Apr-09, 17:31

Just come on to see if others were having problems with Tiscali.

I've been off about two hours so far today and lots over the last week, changed to a nice new router but still kept getting no connection.

Lets hope its fixed soon.

Thanks for putting my mind at rest though folks :D

devil's sidekick
08-Apr-09, 18:47
we are with tiscali and have had no problems as of yet but my sister is with them also and she has been having problems for a few days

09-Apr-09, 08:18
I'm not sure what kind of equipment a large thrust borer is ...
I'm pretty sure my last girlfriend kept one in her bedside cabinet.

09-Apr-09, 10:52
I'm pretty sure my last girlfriend kept one in her bedside cabinet.

Dortmunder, that is a different thread for an entirely different forum :)

09-Apr-09, 10:54
Just as an update on the London / BT Problems (apologies for the formatting mess):

Latest update from BT:

This briefing gives the latest position as at 14.00hrs on 8th April 2009.
The tunnel is blocked and the site is still restricted due to the serious structural nature of the damage. This position is being constantly assessed by structural engineers at the site.

Openreach engineers are continuing to work to resolve the situation and restore all services by using alternative routes and new cable and ducting.
As of 14.00hrs today (8th April 2009) the situation is as follows -

* All PSTN services have been restored.
* All emergency services, hospitals and critical business users and many other business users have also been restored using alternative methods of connection.
* A number of business services are still impacted.

We are unable to give a definitive timeframe but as a consequence of the large scale and complex recovery operation, it is still expected to be a number of days before we see all services fully restored.

13-Apr-09, 20:11
A friend in Latheron has lost her Tiscali connection again - does anyone know if there is still a problem or is it her setup I wonder.

14-Apr-09, 10:24
I had problems yesterday still but hopefully it wil be fine today