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06-Apr-09, 20:20
Can anyone recommend me a good childminder in thurso area??
I am so worried about my 8 month old getting put in front of a tv for the 2 afternoons i have to work.

Thank you

06-Apr-09, 20:31
good childminders are hard to find. There is too much paperwork and rules and regulations now a days. I was wanting to get registered as a childminder as i have done all the qualifications but i would be spending farr too much of my time filling in paperwork rather than doin the important things like playing with the kids and getting them outside.

Good luck finding one

06-Apr-09, 21:08
This Link will give you a list of childminders http://www.childcarelink.gov.uk/whitebox/townsearch.asp?Intro=1

This one will give you their inspection reports

A lot of reports for this year are not online yet as the Care commission have just been inspecting and the reports are not on yet.

Good luck

06-Apr-09, 21:15
You will actually find that good childcare is not so hard to find as standards have risen so high since the care commission have taken over. Childminders have consistently all over Scotland scored higher grades than any other care service.
There is a massive amount of paperwork now but it there to safeguard both childminder and mindee so well worth the effort, paperwork is done in the evenings and at weekends so does not affect the care that mindees receive.

07-Apr-09, 13:09
I think that as much as you can read reports online etc you really need to get a feel for the childminder and her/his home.

Visit all childminders in the Thurso area if you feel the need to until you decide!! Speak to Health Visitors (not sure if they are allowed to recommend any) also you could call Fiona Carter SCMA 01955 606931 as she would be likely to have an up to date list of Thurso Childminders.

Go on other peoples recommendations.

Good luck - i am a childminder and i certanly dont put children in front of the tv but i know what you mean and i can understand your concerns.

As someone else said the paperwork is time consuming, i spend approx 2 hours per week plus more approx every 3 months when i am updating and changing policies etc.

Good luck

07-Apr-09, 15:07
In the Caithness.org Business index you'll find childminding services and it gives you a list of registered Child minders, hope this helps, good luck in finding a childminder......:D

07-Apr-09, 20:24
I understand what you are saying in that you don't want your child to be sat in front of a tv the whole time they would be at the childminders but to be honest a good childminder will do things with your child to educate and stimulate them but they will also be able to identify when they need some "chill out" time and let them watch a bit of tv to relax.

Believe me, if you have a child that is kept on the go the whole time, by the time you get them home they will be so exhausted and cranky it is just painful!!! I can PM you details of who I use if you want.