View Full Version : Transporter 1,2 &3

04-Apr-09, 19:19
Anyone else think that the Transporter films re just fab?
I'd seen the second one but I've just watched the first - ruddy brilliant.
I've also seen the 3rd one and have to say it's bloomin well fantastic. :)

04-Apr-09, 19:44
I'm a transporter fan just love them. Jumper is on sky e night think it'll be good 2 fingers crossed :)

Gene Hunt
04-Apr-09, 20:28
Watched some of the first one and thought it was rubbish, story, acting and stunts were dire.

21-Apr-09, 20:17
First 2 were watchable. The third was pure keech.

21-Apr-09, 21:07
Having seen these films are they worth a watch??