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25-Feb-06, 16:34
Just to clear up any confusion, the Quiz is on for Sunday, February 26.

Connie has volunteered to lead the show. Thanks Connie.

This discussion took place on the "cancelled" thread. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew what was happening.

25-Feb-06, 17:10
Who's planning to be there?

25-Feb-06, 19:50
Who's planning to be there?

What time....20:30 as usual???

25-Feb-06, 23:11
This being my fourth and final attempt to send a post,

I would assume that the time is 20:30 (15:30 for me).

26-Feb-06, 03:28
Thanks Canuck for posting this

Good luck to Connie on hosting her first quiz - I'll try to get there. Connie's been awful quiet tonight - she's either thinking up some awful hard questions or maybe trying (on) out some other distractions to confuse the male contestants - should be fun!

26-Feb-06, 13:28
Oh good luck connie i can't make it tonight got to work but good luck

26-Feb-06, 19:40
am i too late to register for the quiz?

26-Feb-06, 20:54
am i too late to register for the quiz?
no need to register, just join us in the chat room

26-Feb-06, 21:03
It is going to be hard to tear myself away from the Games Closing Ceremonies. They are spectacular.