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Gene Hunt
04-Apr-09, 13:08
.. http://showhype.com/story/damon_confirms_fourth_bourne_movie/

The Bourne movies are my favourite trilogy of all time but I am not sure about this one even though Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon are back for it. The story tied off nicely in Ultimatum as he ended it in the water knowing who he was in a story he started in the water with not a clue who he was. I don't see where they can go for this one as the whole story was about him finding out who he was, now that is done I think anymore will be taking the shine of the Bourne apple a bit.

That said I always thought there was a connection with him being the Paris Treadstone agent when Nikki Parson was the Logistics link there. There was the hinted at relationship in Ultimatum of course. If they do make it I just hope it lives up to the first three and doesnt sully a brilliant character brought to life by Ludlum in print and Matt Damon, Doug Liman and Paul Greengrass on screen.

Whats your view ??

04-Apr-09, 19:16
Totally agree. Fab films and can't wait for the fourth.

04-Apr-09, 20:50
I liked the bourne movies but thought that the plot was pretty tied up, but its hollywood and sequels sell so bring on the fourth one.

percy toboggan
05-Apr-09, 10:22
I thought the trilogy was excellent but sometimes is best to bow out leaving people wanting more.
Both actor, Director and crew have lots more to offer so why limit themselves to this genre.

I'm not averse to a fourth film but the last one was hard to improve on. But yet - why should we expect continuous improvement? Likewise growth in the economy. Why not consolidate Bourne in a new personna - living peacefully somewhere yet the old spectres evetually return to haunt him. These professionals know what they are doing and there is an appetite for more of the same though.

Bring it on - I think.

Cedric Farthsbottom III
08-Apr-09, 20:01
I think they should leave it as a trilogy as most of the questions were answered.If they make a fourth it might be a damp turkey.Although Bruce Willis did alright in the fourth Die Hard.Also hear their doing a third Ghostbusters film....oh no.
Naw,think they should leave Bourne as trilogy.

08-Apr-09, 21:32
I agree with the rest of you, The bourne films are compelling viewing when watched in the correct order. maybe they may follow other examples and do a prequel [i don`t know how that would work out] but if the film makers think it would be a money maker who knows, Just as long as it does not turn out like the tedious " police academy" series of films. talk about flogging a dead horse.