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31-Mar-09, 21:55
I'm needing 2 identical passport photos yup you've guessed it for my passport application.

Ive not really paid much attention to where the booths are in Wick. Can anyone point any out and tell me how much they cost.

31-Mar-09, 22:11
Co-op in Wick, four for 4.00.

31-Mar-09, 23:07
There isnt one in the co-op at the moment,it has been removed.

31-Mar-09, 23:43
I think it is best to have them taken professionally as the passport office are very fussy and the photographers get it right as they know what is accepted and saves the possibility of having an application rejected. Photographer or chemist photography department. The last time I had them done it was about 6 at Sutherland chemist in Thurso but may be more now.

01-Apr-09, 12:56
I got 4 identical photos done in the booth at the post office in Wick, cost 4.00.

01-Apr-09, 20:39
are there any booths in Thurso?

01-Apr-09, 21:40
I recently had 2 renew my passport and i got my photos done at Macdonalds on Shore Lane, the guy was really helpful and knows about how strict passport office can be he wasnt happy with my fringe in the 1st photo he took once he had printed it off, so he took another set and it was only 5. Would hate 2 use a booth only for the photo not 2 b exactly right!

01-Apr-09, 22:35
Booths in Thurso are at Co-op and Tesco. Both owned by the same company adn 4. for four photographs passport sized.

My dad used the Tesco one last week and got in a muddle as he couldn`t hear the instructions properly, but one phonecall and the company refunded the money plus the cost of the phone call, by cheque, by return of post. First class service.

If it is photographs for passport you require I would recommend Sutherland Chemist in Thurso, to be sure you are square in the photo as any slight deviation will see the photo rejected by the passport office.

02-Apr-09, 18:45
If you are applying for passport would recommend post office checking service especially if you are needing it quickly. Applied for all the families this way and had no trouble with them. My friend on the other hand did not use the service and had theirs returned three times. Cost a bit more but worth it Post Office Staff very helpful

03-Apr-09, 22:14
Got my childs photo taken at MacDonalds, Shore Lane Wick. Very quick and friendly service 6 photos for only 4.00. Why go to a booth when you can support a family business?