View Full Version : another one i dont know lol

31-Mar-09, 21:04
Went up to the St John Pool hide today and came across this in the carpark. A very flat to the floor plant with a tiny white flower and something new to me lol (there's a suprise) anyone care to identify it for me?


02-Apr-09, 18:21
maybe bittercress. A serious nuisance in the garden.

02-Apr-09, 20:42
Dunno what it's called but it is considered a weed.

03-Apr-09, 17:43
had a look through on the internet to check bittercress out(thanx again) and it looks very similar to hairy bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta), but it didnt look that stragly, maybe a northern form of it lol. :lol:

07-Apr-09, 20:57
Hi, Count,

It's a good photo, because there are two species in Caithness - the Hairy with four anthers and Wavy with six anthers. I can see from your photo that it has four white blobs in the centre of the flower, so it is Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta) which is common on damp grassy ground. Wavy likes a drier place.

08-Apr-09, 15:00
Thanx for that taraxacum m8 i will keep an eye out for the wavy one now lol :lol: