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31-Mar-09, 17:12
http://www.homevideos.com/movies-covers/The%20Fifth%20Element.jpgcome out in 1997 this film was well made before its time smashing.....................

Set 250 years in the future, the film focuses on ex-soldier Corben Dallas and his attempt to protect the 5th Element from capture by Evil, who plans to use her to destroy life (a cyclical attempt that occurs every 5000 years). With the help of Ruby Rhod and Arsenio Clone, the unconventional gang sets out to destroy Evil and his alien accomplice Mr. Zorg before its too late.

Gene Hunt
31-Mar-09, 20:43
I had forgotten about that one, might take a look at it again.

I would say Alien and Blade Runner were ahead of their time as well.

31-Mar-09, 21:51
I agree - Bladerunner is my all-time classic favourite. I love the darkness of it which I see as a metaphor for Deckard's dark and broody feelings throughout the film, i.e. he is a tortured soul to whom life means little, it is only after his fight with Roy and his subsequent escape with Rachel that he attains 'freedom' and hence we see daylight.

For a film from 1982 the futuristic scenery, advances in technology, genetic engineering, etc. were all way ahead of their time, and even more astonishing is that they didn't have that horrible fakeness about them which other sci-fi films of that era exhibit.

A genuinely wonderful film whos meaning and brilliance are, sadly, lost on so many.

01-Apr-09, 01:06
i only ever saw blade runner for the first time this year and i loved it i would have to agree well before its time watched it many times since :D

02-Apr-09, 23:00
I love Bladerunner, but it's not the one I use to that question for my internet bank (sorry hackers :Razz) It had so many "moments" and the Director's Cut - without the happy ending commentry was, for me, brilliant.

How he got there from the book "Do Androids dream of electric sheep?" is remarkable.

Great movie, I think if made today it would lose something through too much SFX.

Cedric Farthsbottom III
03-Apr-09, 21:57
2001 Space Odyssey.A film before its time.Kubrick,a legendary director who tried to revolutionise the film industry.Took his time with his movies to create the best he could,he did.................UNTIL..........Eyes Wide Shut.What a sell out.He should have stuck with unknown actors thats who he got the best from.

Gene Hunt
10-Apr-09, 00:40
Just watched "Blade Runner" on Blu Ray .. if you have a Blu Ray player it is a must own as the transfer and audio are just amazing.

I also reckon "Jaws" and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" were way ahead of their time as well.

"Jaws" put a fear of Sharks into the public domain that still exists today. Peter Benchley, who wrote the book, is now an activist for shark conservation. I can remember watching it as a kid and being horrified at the Captain being slowly chomped away at on the boat. And then wishing it was my sister !!

"Close Encounters" was a brilliant film, I always remember the little boy being abducted whenever I see one of those clapping monkey toys. I think it is one of Spielbergs top three. And it also gave us kids the perfect excuse for making sculptures out of that rancid instant potato mix (Smash ??) like Richard Dreyfuss. It beat having to eat it anyday.