View Full Version : help needed to remove lipstick marks

29-Mar-09, 15:22
my daughter has managed to get lipstick on her flowergirl dress, does anyone have tips on how to remove it.

29-Mar-09, 15:31
Try spraying on hairspray and leaving it to soak through for about 15 minutes, then blot it with a clean cloth, if that doesn't work you could work a paste of biological washing power into the stain, it should remove the grease found in lipstick.

29-Mar-09, 15:41
i use de.solve.it works great bought it from supermarket

29-Mar-09, 16:12
Baby wipes !!

29-Mar-09, 16:15
get my stain remover from Co-op - you do not have to wash item after treatment, just moisten area with a slightly damp white cloth to remove the stain then leave to dry.

It is in a plastic bottle - slightly angular - use it to remove all types of stains and it works fantastically, great if you put a mark on something before going out.

Removes black shoe polish without having to scrub and wash item.